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Browse our case studies that explain how we helped companies in specific industries move their ideas into action and achieve outstanding business results.

Case Study

Industry Challenges: Brochures

What challenges face your company in the early 21st century? Market share? Competition? Disruptive technologies? A diverse and co-located workforce? Read about the challenges that your industry faces, and the skills and tools that can help your company overcome them.

Industry Challenges


Barnes & Conti has developed a six-part informational podcasts about exercising influence.


Reference Articles, by Category

Articles on Influence

Articles to support Exercising Influence™, our influence training program, and help you influence your team, your managers/executives, people from other cultures, and to help create an environment of influence, and more.

Articles on Innovation and Risk-Taking

Articles to help you manage the innovation process, facilitate creativity, create a culture for innovation, and manage risk intelligently.

Articles on Internal Consulting

Articles for people who "walk the line" between being employees and consultants. These articles will give you insight into the uniqueness of your role and how you can influence others.

Articles on Leadership Development, Coaching, and Team Building

Articles on inspirational leadership, leadership skills, how to establish a coaching culture, and skills for building world-class teams.

Articles on Change Management

No one likes change. These articles offer insights on effective change, turning negatives into positives when change is imminent, and more.

Other Articles

Articles that cover strategic thinking and decisions making, as well as constructive debate, negotiation and conflict resolution.


How do you exercise influence? Does your team/workgroup engage in constructive debate? What is your risk-taking profile? You can find out all of this and more by taking our surveys.


"Five Things I Know..."

This eBook by Barnes & Conti CEO B. Kim Barnes is a valuable job aid to help you face workplace challenges. (Registration required.)

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Books by Barnes & Conti Authors

Order books on influence, internal consulting, innovation, self-navigation, and more.

Video: Introduction to Exercising Influence

In this brief video, B. Kim Barnes introduces some of the main concepts and models of the popular global training program: Exercising Influence™ as a way to improve our abilities in influencing others.

Influence Reference App for iOS and Android

This app references the expressive and receptive influence tactics and behaviors from the Exercising Influence™ program.

Articles available in the following areas:

Podcast Series: Conversations About Influence

Conversations About Influence

In this six part series, topics range from influence and gender stereotypes to the role of confidence in influence success to the pros and cons of interrupting—and how to do it successfully! Other topics include influencing remotely, influencing within teams, and establishing a healthy climate for influence.

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