About Barnes & Conti

About Barnes & ContiBarnes & Conti, developer of the most popular influence training course worldwide, is an organization of innovators in leadership and talent development.

For over 30 years, we have provided tools and techniques to develop the skills that help our clients build relationships and get results. Our extensive industry experience, combined with global reach and local presence positions us to help you anywhere and anytime.

What do our customers appreciate most about us?

  • Our team of highly skilled professional facilitators, consultants, and coaches operating in more than 30 countries worldwide
  • Flexible and easily customizable programs
  • Rich content platforms

A number of our programs are available virtually, and more are being added daily.

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Moving Ideas into Action Mission, Vision, & Purpose

We believe that great ideas can change the world. We want to help you move those ideas into action through strategic thinking, innovation, and the ability to influence and inspire others.

  • Our mission is to provide individuals and organizations with the skills and processes that enable them to move ideas into action.
  • Our vision is to help our customers succeed in a globally competitive and interdependent world.
  • Our purpose is to deliver the research–based tools, practical techniques, and performance support that our customers need to achieve their goals.

Barnes & Conti delivers on the above through one-on-one, classroom, self-paced, virtual, and web-based sessions tailored to the specific needs of individuals and organizations.

Drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci Client & Industry Experience

We work across many industries including:

  • Pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, and healthcare
  • Technology
  • Financial services and insurance
  • Consumer products
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Entertainment and hospitality
  • Publishing and media
  • Higher education, non-profit, and government

Our Clients

Some of our client companies include:

Barnes & Conti Clients

Building capabilities for great business results Barnes & Conti’s Value Proposition

Achieving great results quickly is critical in today’s complex and competitive global business environment. Barnes & Conti helps build the capabilities essential for influencing, decision-making, innovating, and managing change. Our engaging methodology, clear and robust models, and applicability to everyday work will help formal and informal leaders move their best ideas into action.

The Barnes & Conti Team
Read about our facilitators here.

Kim BarnesB. Kim Barnes
Barnes & Conti CEO

When Kim isn’t on the road, writing books, or designing leadership development programs, you might find her behind a camera or thinking about the next case for her fictional organizational detective, Sarah Hawthorne.

Eric BeckmanEric Beckman

Eric remains enthusiastically engaged in helping people achieve their hopes and dreams. When he is not in the airport, in a classroom, or leading a webinar, he could be outside flying a plane or a hang glider, hiking in the mountains, or surfing in the ocean—or in the evenings, playing music with friends.

Lauren PowersLauren Powers
Senior Vice President—Business Development

Lauren loves to connect and help clients, partners and team members formulate workable solutions to meet their unique challenges. Having sat where many clients are, Lauren understands the organizational landscape and complexities for success. She also enjoys learning about great food. Right now, she is finalizing a food memoir that she hopes to publish one day.

Nelson SokenNelson Soken, Ph.D.
Chief Innovation Strategist

Nelson loves to ask challenging questions of himself and those that he interacts with so that the status quo is not assumed. He is very client-focused and strives to share what he knows so that clients can move forward and achieve their goals. He loves interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and reading innovation/business books to continually learn about the world. His hobbies are distance running including marathon and ultra marathons and cooking where the recipe is just the starting point for an experiment.

Elaine TurcotteElaine Turcotte
Operations Manager

Elaine works on scheduling, logistics, and contracts and manages inventories and day-to-day operations. With an eye for design, an ear for languages, and a heart for peace and justice, Elaine is an active community volunteer.

Dineen DigiacomoDineen Digiacomo
Account Coordinator

Dineen works closely with clients to ensure quality customer service and logistical support. She is a busy mom to three school-aged children and enjoys blogging in her free time.

Heller RathboneHeller Rathbone
Finance Manager

Heller performs our Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions. In her spare time, Heller likes to keep the right side of her brain active by painting. (Heller is pictured with Georgie, who is the official Barnes & Conti mascot.)


Cass uses his graphic design skills to produce the learning materials offered at Barnes and Conti. He has a Masters degree in Education: Instructional Technologies. Cass enjoys photography, playing classical piano, and riding his bike.

Rene Hansen with her two pugs Renee Hansen
IS/CS Administrator

Renee Hansen manages the Help Desk and provides email support for our Exercising Influence Online Assessment. She is also a busy mother of two school-age children. In her spare time, Renee enjoys gardening and tending to her two pugs. (Renee is pictured with her pugs.).

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