Barnes & Conti's Virtual Learning

Barnes & Conti’s Learning Journeys:
Classroom or Virtual

Classroom or Live Webinar

Barnes & Conti can now meet learning needs either in the classroom, or virtually with live webinars. We have converted all of our programs into custom virtual experiences with optional combinations of online micro-learning modules, individual assessments, live virtual classrooms, with lots of opportunities for skill practice and feedback, post session reinforcement activities and 1-1 virtual coaching. We’ve entitled these customized workshops “Learning Journeys.”

Feedback from virtual Exercising Influence sessions:

“(I liked) a lot of preparation before the class (and) the group work which was possible even over Zoom.”

“I would like to compliment the instructors/hosts for handling this over Zoom. Appreciate the effort. It... worked and was.. effective. Great job.”

—Manager, Large US University

Feedback from a virtual Strategic Thinking session:

“The structure of the course was great in that it was facilitator-led, but very interactive for participants with many opportunities for group discussion. I will employ several of the tactics I learned in approaching solutions to issues, including expanding outside my peer group for feedback and insight.”

—Manager, Brand Management Company

Feedback from a virtual Leading Remote Teams through Influence session:

“The strength of the course was the (influence) framework that was presented. I enjoyed using the features in Zoom to stay engaged as well as the annotation. I will try to use some of the conversation starters in the app and framework as I go into meeting especially those that might be challenging.”

—Manager, Government Agency

The Learning Journey

Your customized learning journey may include any or all of the following:



Self-paced modules introducing key concepts that can be used to prepare for a live session, whether virtual or face-to-face

Introductory Webinar


A brief session introducing participants to the goals and objectives of the workshop and how they align with organizational initiatives, an overview of the learning journey, and specific ways they can prepare to get the most value from the live session

Individual/Organizational Survey

Individual/Organizational Survey

Self-assessment or colleague feedback to provide participants with information relevant to the program content

Live Session (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

Live Session

One or more live, interactive sessions, virtual or face-to-face, where participants can practice skills and receive feedback

Continuous Learning and Reinforcement

Continuous Learning and Reinforcement

Post-program webinars, apps, books, individual/small-group skill practice or coaching, post-program micro-learning modules, access to a dedicated web page

Download our Learning Journey Brochure

For more information on any of our virtual learning programs, click here.

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