Facilitating Forward

Facilitating Forward
Guiding Others Toward Results

Program Description

As a leader, team member, or consultant, you may sometimes be called upon to help a group to think and work together. The group may need to share information, solve a problem, or reach a decision, a solution, or an agreement. Whether the group consists of three people or fifty, having the skills to facilitate group process can help you to help others achieve results.

Stages of Group Development

Facilitating Forward™ is a skill-development program for project managers and other leaders or consultants who need to facilitate meetings to achieve buy-in and accomplish results. In this highly experiential program, you will learn the fundamentals of facilitation including skills in observation, communication, and intervention. You will gain insights, tools and techniques, and learn how and when to move between the roles of leader and facilitator. You will practice and apply skills that are effective for both face-to-face and virtual meetings.

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Facilitating Forward is available virtually. For more info, see our page on Virtual Learning Journeys.

For more information on Facilitating Forward™, click here.

Facilitating Forward™ is a copyrighted program of Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will be able to:

  • Gain agreement on ground rules.
  • Establish objectives for a facilitated session and design a format that will enable these objectives to be achieved.
  • Establish and maintain a neutral role; distinguish between the roles of facilitator and leader and be able to switch roles as appropriate.
  • Manage discussions and decision-making processes.
  • Observe group interactions to identify patterns of behavior, interpersonal issues, and barriers to progress.
  • Select and demonstrate appropriate communication skills to encourage participation, interaction, learning, and problem-solving.
  • Use tools and interventions to encourage productive discussion, generate ideas, solve problems, and handle difficult situations.
  • Develop objectives for an upcoming session and design a relevant meeting format.
The Facilitation Process

What our clients say:

“This program has been an invaluable addition to our talent development offerings. It’s fun, relevant, and provides tools one can immediately put into practice at the next meeting! Facilitation is truly a skill—one that be learned—and this has helped about 75 of our internal consultants to be more effective.”

—Director, Organizational Development, National Non-profit Organization

Facilitating Forward

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