Constructive Debate

Constructive Debate:
A Collaborative Approach to Building Better Ideas

To be successful as global competitors, leaders in today’s organizations must establish and maintain an environment that supports the open exchange and exploration of ideas, leading to fuller participation, greater innovation, and better decisions. Healthy debate is sometimes discouraged in organizations that are conflict-averse. Then, in “the meeting after the meeting,” people discuss their opinions and ideas — a discussion that might have offered or improved a good idea or prevented a bad one from being moved forward. To prevent this waste of intellectual capital, it is essential to model, encourage, and facilitate critical thinking, broad participation, diversity of opinions, and clear communication of ideas so that potential innovations first get a hearing and then undergo a thorough process of exploration and development. Minimizing the impact of internal competitiveness, defensiveness, and vested interests allow good ideas to become true innovations.

In this seminar, you will learn how to establish the conditions that encourage constructive debate and to eliminate those conditions that prevent potentially useful ideas from getting a hearing or allow poorly thought-through ideas to be implemented. Constructive Debate™ helps teams to express, engage, and explore ideas and eliminate the conditions that allow mediocre or bad ideas to pass through and/or prevent potentially useful ideas from getting a hearing.

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Constructive Debate™ is a copyrighted program of Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

Program Objectives:

As a participant, you will be able to:

  • Express your ideas and engage others clearly and directly
  • Explore others’ views for the purpose of understanding and clarifying them
  • Develop skills for constructive discussion and debate in your organization
  • Invite others to explore, challenge, and test their own ideas or conclusions
  • Offer constructive, non-defensive responses to others’ challenges
  • Establish and maintain an environment that supports constructive debate
  • Use processes and tools that support constructive debate.


What our clients say:

“I learned more constructive methods for meetings, conversations, debates—how to get the best options on the table, methods to deflect defensiveness and get to the root cause, and how to be a better facilitator in group discussions...“

“All the material was great. I can really see turning ‘arguments’ into productive output...and we can all use more of that!”

— Intuit Inc.

“The material and facilitator were excellent. Learning to express ideas and engaging others clearly and directly helps drive better participation in meetings. Due to the multicultural environment this class provides the tool set needed to continually develop skills for constructive, non-defensive responses while exploring ideas that test assumptions and conclusions in a safe non-offensive manner.”

—Training & Development Specialist


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