The Art of Communication

The Art of Communication:
Creating Shared Meaning

Program Description

Within teams, cross-functionally, up, down, across, and beyond our organizations, we have to be able to communicate so that we may effectively inform, influence, and learn from one another. We need the ability to express needs directly, share information appropriately, solicit information, listen to others, and advocate positions, all while building and maintaining strong relationships.


The Art of Communication™ is a skill-development program focused on creating shared meaning and a common language. The skills are used for moving information and ideas efficiently and effectively within and among organizational units and with key stakeholders. In this intensive and experiential program, you will practice three aspects of communication: message, style, and behaviors. You will develop your communication skills and strategy, gain insight into your communication style and its impact, and recognize and test the assumptions that underlie your own worldview and that of others. You will gain tools that are useful in developing plans for effective communication.

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The Art of Communication is available virtually. For more info, see our page on Virtual Learning Journeys.

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The Art of Communication™ is a copyrighted program of Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will be able to:

  • Achieve business results by stating more clearly what you expect, need, or offer.
  • Build relationships by effectively sharing and eliciting information and providing balanced feedback.
  • Identify cultural, power, and style issues that may be interfering with communication and address those issues.
  • Analyze your own style of communication, what impact it has, and how it differs from the styles of others.
  • Practice specific behaviors that will add to your repertoire and increase your effectiveness as a communicator.
  • Plan a strategy for effective communication in an upcoming opportunity.
  • Practice specific behaviors that will increase your effectiveness as a communicator
  • Plan a strategy for effective communication.
Communication Style Assessment

Communication Style Assessment

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