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Our interactive, skills-development programs are practical, research-based, and immediately applicable to your organization and/or workgroup. A number of our programs are available virtually, and more are being added daily.

Influence & Communication

Exercising Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results

This popular influence training program uses a fitness metaphor to help participants develop strength, focus, and flexibility as influencers. Exercising Influence is available as a Virtual Learning Journey

Constructive Negotiation Building Agreements that Work

This program approaches the negotiation process as an opportunity to build agreements that meet the needs of all parties. Participants will gain the confidence and skills necessary to conduct successful negotiations.

Conflict: From Prevention to Resolution

In this workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of the sources of conflict, learn interpersonal communication techniques to prevent unconstructive conflicts, and develop more collaborative working relationships.

Leading Remote Teams Through Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results Across Boundaries

This program provides you with processes, techniques, and tools to create and maintain trusting, motivated, high-performing teams.

Influential Negotiation: Building Agreements with Others

This program applies the behavior skills of influence to the negotiation process. Participants will have the opportunity to practice influence behaviors they would use when conducting a negotiation.

The Art of Communication: Creating Shared Meaning

This program helps participants develop shared meaning and a common language so that information flows efficiently and effectively within and among organizational units and stakeholders.

Innovation & Risk-Taking

Managing Innovation: Driving Ideas from
Strategic Initiative to Value Creation

In this program, participants will discover and practice the mindsets and skill sets needed to increase both the quality and quantity of innovation.

Intelligent Risk-Taking: From Vision to Action

This program provides participants with practical tools and processes to identify their risk-taking profile and compare with others. Participants will apply a framework for making intelligent decisions about which risks to take. lntelligent Risk-Takingis available as a Virtual Learning Journey

Creating a Culture for Innovation: A Guide for Leaders

This program helps participants encourage entrepreneurial innovation and risk-taking in their organization. They will identify barriers to creativity and innovation and develop ways to decrease their impact

The Influential Innovator: Gaining Support and Achieving Results

In this program, participants will learn how to express and apply interpersonal influence skills and strategies throughout the journey of innovation.

Applied Creativity: Solving Problems and Responding to Opportunities

In this program, participants will practice using creative thinking tools to break through persistent problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Decision-Making & Problem Solving

Strategic Thinking: Leadership Tools for Planning,
Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Using a variety of tools, leaders will identify and apply systems thinking, critical thinking, and creative thinking to a problem they currently face. Strategic Thinking is available as a Virtual Learning Journey

Puzzles, Mysteries, and Muddles: Naming and Taming the
Problems that Keep You Up at Night

Different types of problems require different approaches to solutions. This research-based program provides leaders with understanding and insights to target their approach and become successful problem solvers.

Constructive Debate: Building Better Ideas

This program helps participants learn how to establish conditions that encourage the free exchange, discussion, and development of ideas and eliminate conditions that prevent useful ideas from getting a hearing

Leadership Skills & Development

Inspirational Leadership: Encouraging Others to Do Great Things

This program provides insights and skills to help you and your team members believe in the remarkable work you can do together. It includes intensive skill practice and application to a current leadership challenge.

Leading World-Class Treams: Local, Global, and Remote

This workshop provides processes, techniques, and tools to create and maintain trusting, motivated, high-performing teams. This program, also applicable to co-located teams, offers team leaders and members the skills to succeed, especially when working across boundaries of time, distance, and culture.

Leading Remote Teams Through Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results Across Boundaries

This program provides you with processes, techniques, and tools to create and maintain trusting, motivated, high-performing teams.

C.O.A.C.H. for Peak Performance: A Guide for Leaders in
the Learning Organization

This program builds on the knowledge and experience of those who coach outstanding individuals and teams. Participants learn to create and sustain a successful coaching relationships.

Internal Consulting

Consulting on the Inside: Walking the Line, Building Your Practice

In this program, internal consultants will develop a greater understanding of their role, the consulting process itself, and how to use specific communication skills and tools to create an effective and successful internal consulting practice.

The Influential Internal Consultant: Building Relationships and
Getting Results in Your Organization

Participants in this course will learn how to use specific influence skills and tools to create or enrich an effective and successful practice.

Facilitating Forward: Guiding Others Toward Results

Participants in this workshop will learn the fundamentals of facilitation including skills in observation, communication, and intervention.

Change Management

The Mastery of Change: Thriving in Interesting Times

This program is ideal for leaders whose organizations are undergoing major change initiatives. It provides a practical opportunity to develop a change implementation plan while exploring real change issues with colleagues.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching provides your leaders with performance coaching in human interaction and communication skills which helps managers plan for challenging situations while developing their leadership capabilities.

Are you responsible for leading your organization or workgroup through change? Here’s a helpful article to download, “Your Change Attitude—And How to Work with People Who Might See it a Different Way”

Excercising Influence in KoreaOur Approach—What We Do

All Barnes & Conti programs can be presented within your organization in a variety of formats, either for intact teams or as open enrollments:

  • Half-day, one-day, or two-day workshops
  • Online modules
  • Customized learning interventions
  • Virtual "live" sessions
  • Microlearning modules
  • Translated into HTML or other language for site-licensing on company intranets

We are happy to work with you to design new programs and customize the content and delivery mode to meet your business needs.

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