Consulting on the Inside

Consulting on the Inside:
Walking the Line; Building Your Practice

Professionals from many different disciplines now serve as internal consultants to leaders, managers, and teams in their organizations. Their role is to help clients to achieve a specific outcome desired by that client or the organization. The process of consulting always involves facilitating change: technical, organizational, or behavioral. As an internal consultant, your ability to influence strategy, tactics, decisions, and behavior is based on both your expertise and your relationships. Consulting on the Inside™ requires you to walk a fine line between your role as an insider, understanding the culture and the business, and your value as an outsider with a more objective view and broad knowledge.

In this workshop, based on the book, Consulting on the Inside: A Practical Guide for Internal Consultants© by Beverly Scott and B. Kim Barnes (ATD Press, 2011), you will develop a greater understanding of your role, the consulting process, and how to use specific skills and tools to create an effective and successful internal consulting practice.

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Consulting on the Inside™ is a copyrighted program of Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

What our clients say:

“We are using Consulting on the Inside as a foundational program for our HR professionals, and it has been very well received by all. The program effectively covers the entire process of consulting and has sharpened our internal consulting skills dramatically.”

— Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Global Aerospace and Energy Control Corporation

“We have used Consulting on the Inside as the key foundational program for our HR functional curriculum. The results have been outstanding. The course gives a practical framework for HR and other staff professionals to approach the ‘higher level’ aspects of their roles and responsibilities. I really see change in the way participants have embraced and applied the tools into the scope of their work. I highly recommend this program..”

— HR Professional


Program Objectives

As a participant, you will be able to:

  • Identify consulting roles that best fit for you and your organization
  • Gain tips and approaches for building and developing your internal consulting practice
  • Apply the consulting process model to your own organization consulting initiatives
  • Practice key behavioral skills that contribute to consulting success
  • Assess your level of consulting mastery and establish clear development goals.


Podcast on Internal Consulting

Kim Barnes, co-author of the book, Consulting on the Inside, discusses this workshop designed specifically for internal consultants.


Virtual Tour
Definition of a Consultant

What is a consultant? If you are charged with creating some kind of change or improvement in your organization without the direct authority to carry it out, you are a consultant.

Mindsets for Consultants

The most successful internal consultants have a mindset that enables them to learn, influence, and operate effectively in complex organizations.

Internal Consulting Process

The process for internal consultants is especially organic and often messy; it is directional without being linear. This process is iterative, frequently looping back to earlier phases before moving forward again.

Influence Tactics

Each phase of the Internal Consulting Process requires the internal consultant to use his or her communication and influence skills. Shown here is the model of expressive and receptive tactics that consultants will learn.

Constructive Negotiation

Several phases of the consulting process require an agreement to be reached. Constructive negotiation provides a means to reach this agreement.

Internal Consulting Competencies

Consultants are given the opportunity to assess their competencies as well as their self-management skill



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