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Insurance Industry Challenges

Excerpt: “Rapid market change and disruptive technologies are affecting insurance companies and forcing them to adopt new mindsets in order to grow market share. Their instinctive aversion to risk has permeated into other areas of the organization and stymied entrepreneurism. To meet the challenges facing the industry, companies will have to make intelligent decisions about risk-taking, embrace entrepreneurism, and build organizational cultures that support new ideas...”

Medical Device Industry Challenge

Excerpt: “Innovation is critical to competitive advantage. Rapid technological changes, disruptive start-ups, and the new imperatives of healthcare reform are forcing manufacturers to innovate and bring products to market quickly. In response, medical device and equipment companies have become more complex with more people in more functional areas responsible for improving products, processes, and systems...”

Today’s Pharma Challenges

Excerpt: “Healthcare reform is requiring the industry to become more agile, innovative, and customer-focused than ever before. Today’s environment requires companies to serve a variety of payers, contend with aggressive competition, and manage complex clinical research protocols. Manufacturers must deliver therapies to customers who are focused on efficacy and cost, in global markets with different regulatory requirements...”

Technology Sector Challenges

Excerpt: “Clarity of purpose, objectives, and accountability are critical in 21st century, multi-national, diversified, and innovative companies. It is crucial that all areas of the organization are aligned with and contributing toward achieving strategic business goals. Agility is key in developing and launching products, penetrating markets, exploiting opportunities, and optimizing processes. Success ultimately depends on people working with and through others...”


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