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Article: Your Change Attitude—And How to Work with People Who Might See it a Different Way

Excerpt: “Over many years as an organization development consultant focusing on change, I observed that people tend toward one of four basic attitudes — although those attitudes can shift depending on the nature of the change. Am I the initiator or innovator? Does the change seem to threaten something I value? Do I have something to gain or to lose? Was I involved in the decision or not? While I may see myself as having a consistent or preferred approach to change, my attitude probably varies. Success as a leader or manager of change depends on having honest insight into one’s own assumptions and expectations — being aware of the filters we are viewing the change through. It also requires that we engage with people who see it differently and use our differences to achieve a better outcome...”

Article: Dealing with Readiness and Resistance to Change,

Excerpt: “...If the product of Dissatisfaction with present performance, a Vision of the desired future performance, and the Support to move from the present to the desired future is greater than the Risks involved in changing, then voluntary Change will occur. Weakness in any factor will have a negative impact on readiness to change. As in any mathematical formula, if any of these factors is missing, the product will be ‘zero’ and change will not occur.

Readiness for change is required for effective consulting or coaching. You can’t ‘motivate’ another person or group, but you can stimulate readiness to change in the following ways....”

Article: The Fire This Time

Excerpt: “In the aftermath of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, I, along with legions of others around the planet, was horrified and nearly paralyzed. I wanted to do something, anything, to help those directly affected or to take some action that would guarantee that no such hateful act should ever take place again. As the months and years have passed, it has become more and more clear that the most important thing that any of us experiencing devastating change can do is to be part of the healing process for ourselves and others. We need to look for ways to transform the energy tied up in anger, fear, and stress into productive and positive action....”

Article: Talking About Change: Helping Others to Get “On Board”

Excerpt: “Change that we have chosen and change that others have chosen for us is experienced differently. When I make the choice to change, it is a risk I have opted for; I feel in control of the action, although not necessarily of the result. I have done a cost-benefit analysis and have made a decision to go ahead. I am willing to accept the consequences. When someone else makes that decision, I feel out of control both of the action and the outcome. ...”

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