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For those of you who prefer to listen, we have developed informational podcasts about our most popular programs and the skills they teach.

Conversations About Influence

Podcast Series on Influence

This six part podcast series on the subject of influence was drawn from a conversation with Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes, joined by Allan Cohen and Mary Walter.

Podcast topics range from influence and gender stereotypes to the role of confidence in influence success to the pros and cons of interrupting—and how to do it successfully! Other topics include influencing remotely, influencing within teams, and establishing a healthy climate for influence.

Exercising Influence Podcast

Exercising Influence: Building Relationships & Getting Results

Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes talks about how the importance of influence both at work and outside of work.

Strategic Thinking Podcast

Strategic Thinking: Leadership Tools for Planning, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making

Barnes & Conti Marketing Associate Rebecca Stern discusses Strategic Thinking and our workshop by the same name.

Managing Innovation Podcast

Managing Innovation: Driving Ideas from Strategic Initiative to Value Creation

Rebecca Stern speaks to Barnes & Conti Senior Associate and innovation management Nelson Soken about innovation, innovation management, and the innovation journey.

Consulting on the Inside Podcast

Consulting on the Inside: Walking the Line, Building Your Practice

Kim Barnes, co-author of the book, Consulting on the Inside, discusses this workshop designed specifically for internal consultants.

Inspirational Leadership Podcast

Inspirational Leadership: Encouraging Others to Do Great Things

Kim Barnes discusses the qualities of an inspirational leader and how this workshop can help leaders develop the necessary skills to get the best out their team members.

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