B. Kim Barnes to speak at ATD 2020 in Denver on Building Better Ideas: The Value of Constructive Debate
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Barnes & Conti helps you move ideas into action through strategic thinking, innovation, and the ability to influence and inspire others.

Building Better Ideas book

Working up, down, across, or outside your organization, Exercising Influence gives you the skills and tools you need to build relationships and get results.

What’s your risk-taking style? I look but seldom leap, I leap but rarely look, or I look before I leap?

Intelligent Risk-Taking helps you move forward in areas where you may be overly cautious, and apply the brakes where you may be taking uncalculated risk.

For over 30 years, Barnes & Conti has provided tools and skills that help our clients build relationships and get results.


We design, develop, and deliver results-oriented, experiential blended learning programs to address your business challenges.


We help you move ideas into action by developing the “difficult skills” of influence, leadership, innovation, and interpersonal communication.



Areas of Expertise:

We can bring any of these interactive, skill-development programs to your organization or team.

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