Intelligent Risk-Taking: Innovation and intelligent risksIntelligent Risk Taking™:
From Vision to Action

In life and work, we are challenged to make highly risky decisions more quickly than ever before. Innovation and creativity always require risk. To capitalize on opportunities, we must minimize the time spent on analysis in return for greater gains. To do this successfully, people and organizations must have a process for intelligent risk-taking.

Intelligent Risk-Taking™ provides you with practical tools and processes for taking more intelligent risks. You will identify your own risk-taking style and develop ideas for improving your entrepreneurial risk-taking. You are given a tool to help analyze the risk-taking style of yourself and others, and learn ways to influence people to support your risk-taking efforts.

Participants will:

  • Distinguish intelligent risks from other opportunities
  • Assess individual and organizational risk-taking styles and their impact on risk decisions
  • Identify factors that block and support risk-taking in individuals, groups, organizations, and the environment
  • Apply strategies for influencing others to share risks
  • Assess and adjust risks to increase the probability of success and decrease the consequences of failure
  • Apply an eight-step risk decision model to a real-world risk opportunity and develop an action plan
  • Promote an intelligent risk-taking environment in their own organizations

...I had three clear take-aways that I can incorporate into my career at my company and everyday life outside of work: the risk wheel, open-ended questions, and the Intelligent Risk-Taking methodology. To me, practical take-aways are the litmus test of whether a course was worthwhile or not, and this one definitely was.  Thank you!

— Program Manager, Texas Instruments

Who Should Participate?

  • Individuals and teams whose work involves risk and/or innovation
  • Anyone in the organization who is contemplating a risky decision
  • Those who support or facilitate risk decision-making in the organization

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