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Conversations About Influence: A New Podcast Series

We’ve created a series of six podcasts on the subject of influence, drawn from a wide-ranging conversation among Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes, Mary Walter, and Allan Cohen.

Mary Walter is a leadership coach and an expert in team effectiveness. She is currently President of Mary Walter Leadership. Mary has over 20 years of experience as a senior executive and leader in retail store operations, most recently at Ross Stores, and has now launched her consulting firm focusing on leadership and teams.

Allan Cohen, Ph.D., is Edward Madden Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College. He is the co-author with David Bradford of Influence Without Authority (Wiley, etc.) and is currently preparing the third edition of this book for publication.

As most of you know, B. Kim Barnes is author of Exercising Influence: Making Things Happen at Work, at Home, and In Your Community, 3rd Edition (Wiley, 2015), among other publications.

Topics range from influence and gender stereotypes to the role of confidence in influence success to the pros and cons of interrupting—and how to do it successfully! Other topics include influencing remotely, influencing within teams, and establishing a healthy climate for influence.

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast series and that you’ll continue the conversation by sending us your thoughts about the topics.

Listen to the first podcast.

Although the conversation was spontaneous, we found that it moved through several topics related to influence, so we have divided it as follows:

  • Part 1: Introductions, gender stereotypes about influence and how to deal with them
  • Part 2: Confidence: how to gain it and how it relates to your ability to influence
  • Part 3: Pros and cons of interrupting: how to do it respectfully and successfully to enter an influence conversation, how to deal with it when others do it to you.
  • Part 4: Influencing remotely: how to make global teams and team meetings more successful and influence-friendly
  • Part 5: Influencing in a team: particularly peer-to-peer
  • Part 6: How to establish a healthy climate for influence in your team and your organization.

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Nelson Soken to Facilitate Workshop at DMI Conference in Europe

Nelson Soken, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Strategist from Barnes & Conti, will be facilitating workshops at a Design Management Institute (DMI) event.

Design Management Conference, June 19, 2017, Oslo, Norway

Nelson will be facilitating a workshop entitled "The Design Value System."

While there is growing evidence that design adds value in organizations of any scale, the design profession continues to face the challenge of quantifying and communicating the contribution. What leaders sometimes lack is a clear and complete picture of what contributions design currently makes, possible future contributions, and a roadmap to realize those possibilities.

Recognizing the challenge, DMI developed a system of universal tools and frameworks called The Design Value System (DVS). The workshop will help you customize the DVS tools to ascertain your design organization’s current capabilities, represent your organization’s future contributions, measure and communicate the impact of design in your organization, and construct a plan for managing future growth.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Map where design adds value in an organization
  • Map what kind of value design adds
  • Understand the maturity and capabilities of the current design function
  • Articulate the contributions design could be making
  • Create a roadmap to growing design to its full potential Use tools to have more productive team and cross-disciplinary conversations

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Exercising Influence: A Guide for Making Things Happen at Work, at Home, and in Your Community, 3rd Edition

This third edition has updated examples and resources and features all-new chapters on influencing through social media, influencing your team, and applying research findings of neuroscience, and behavioral economics.

You'll create work, family, and community relationships that are more mutually rewarding as you apply a practical, real-world model for developing this seldom-taught skill.

Order the third edition from Amazon

Influence for iPhoneExercising Influence™ for Smartphones: Available for iOS and Android!

The Exercising Influence app is the handiest reference yet for those who have taken the course. In addition to the Influence Tactics and Behaviors, it includes:

  • Sentence starters for each behavior, appropriate to any influence situation
  • Examples of the influence behaviors
  • Criteria: to decide which particular influence behavior is appropriate
  • Influence Framework, to help plan in a situation in which you need to exercise influence
  • Guidelines for using each influence behavior

For more information and to purchase for Android,
please go to Google Play.

For more information and/or to purchase,
please go to the iTunes App Store.

Note to our clients and customers: We are now including this app free of charge for all participants in our Exercising Influence program.

Kirkus Reviews Kim Barnes' OD Mystery,
Murder on the 33rd Floor

Kirkus Media recently reviewed Kim's book, described below. Hailing Kim as an "accomplished business writer," the reviewer praised her first novel generously:

"Barnes writes with the same elegant clarity and formality that enrich her nonfiction...character development is deft and sure, with particularly appealing diversity among the characters...The novelty of a business consultant in a detective role also adds to the enjoyment...An unusual concept and strong characters shine through..."

See the article below to purchase the book.

Read the full review

Consulting on the InsideThe Authors Speak: Bev Scott and Kim Barnes Podcast on Consulting on the Inside

Bev Scott and Kim Barnes recorded a podcast in which they discuss their collaborative book, Consulting on the Inside. In the podcast, they discuss three of the questions that the book discusses and answers in great depth:

  • Why are internal consulting skills important?
  • Is there an overall approach or process that would apply to any internal consulting function?
  • What are the most important competencies for internal consultants?

Download the Podcast or Listen to it, below;

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Consulting on the Inside
by Beverly Scott and B. Kim Barnes

Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes collaborated with longtime friend and colleague Beverly Scott of Bev Scott Consulting on the second edition of Consulting on the Inside: A practical guide for internal consultants.

The second edition of this most helpful and practical book was launched recently by an overflow crowd at the Barnes & Conti offices in Berkeley, California. Below is a photo of the authors from the Book Launch Celebration.

Kim Barnes and Bev Scott

According to the publisher:

"Consulting on the Inside provides a solid background for internal consultants and serves as a roadmap for cultivating a successful career...

...You’ll find a thorough examination of the eight phases of the consulting process, a comprehensive analysis of the differences between internal and external consultants, and success stories demonstrating the personal qualities you need to build trust and relationships."


For more information, and to purchase the book:

Where in the World is Barnes & Conti?

Please check out our photo collection from many of the cities where we have done showcases, presentations, or workshops in the past year. We'll try to keep the photos updated as we trot around the globe. The photos are hosted by ad

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