Barnes & Conti provides research-based programs and services focusing on:

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Focus Areas: Influence, Innovation, Leadership, Internal Consulting, Navigation

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Successful Influence and Collaboration:

  • Achieves results outside of traditional reporting relationships
  • Promotes innovation and excellence
  • Allows a free-flow of ideas in your organization

For over twenty-five years, Barnes & Conti programs have helped individuals and organizations move their ideas into action through influence and collaboration.


Innovation & Innovation Management:

  • Gives your organization a clear competitive advantage.
  • Develops the competencies required for innovation
  • Helps achieve successful innovation

Barnes & Conti provides a suite of programs and services to develop the mindsets, skill-sets, tools, and processes needed to build a culture of creative thought and innovation.

Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making develops leaders who can:

  • Think critically
  • Solve problems and anticipate issues
  • Make decisions while keeping the long-term vision in mind.

Our leadership programs provide the basis for developing a courageous and flexible leadership approach that fits the needs of our complex, connected organizations.

Internal Consulting success is based on the ability to combine expertise with:

  • Well-developed interpersonal influence skills
  • In-depth organizational knowledge
  • A keen sense of self-awareness

Barnes & Conti’s workshops provide practical, hands-on learning experiences for internal consultants in any field.

Self and Team Navigation involves establishing a vision of where you are heading and a strategy for getting there.

The N.E.W.S. model for navigation provides a valuable set of tools that can be used for :

  • Self navigation
  • Executive coaching
  • Team and organizational leadership
  • Training internal coaches and mentors.

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