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Organizational Development Trends in Saudi Arabia

Organizations in Saudi Arabia are facing various challenges to cope with the fast-changing business environment. Tremendous business opportunities are emerging, largely as a result of significant government spending aimed at enhancing the country’s public services and Saudi lifestyle. The government

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Align Your Vision with Key Stakeholders – Think Like an Internal Consultant

“Internal consultants use expertise, influence, and personal skills to facilitate client-requested change without having the formal authority to implement the recommended actions. The change solves a problem; improves performance; and increases organizational effectiveness.” (From Consulting on the Inside: A Practical

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The Value of Training/The Value of Influence

McKinsey Quarterly recently had an article on the value of training. Rather than repeating what we already know about the value of training—in terms of employee satisfaction and retention, professional development, leadership development, and much more—the article focused on the

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Training Magazine and Conference: A Fond Farewell

Earlier this month, it was announced that the venerable Training Magazine would cease publication after this month’s issue. In addition, last month’s Training 2010 Conference and Expo would be the last ever. According to at least one blogger: …the magazine

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How to Kill a Training Program (Excerpt)

Our CEO, Kim Barnes co-wrote an excellent article on training programs for  Professionally Speaking, the blog for the Executive Communications website. Kim co-wrote the article with John Castaldi, formerly a trainer with Sun Microsystems. John is currently in a similar

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