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Envisioning that Inspires: MLK’s Dream

  When I have asked participants in our Exercising Influence program for examples of “envisioning,” MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech is always cited. And each time I read the speech – some of which was improvised – I am

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Exercise Your Influence with the Power of Suggest

  Barnes & Conti is trying a new blog approach this week. Instead of reading a short story, listen to our short podcast. In the podcast, you will hear: The definition of influence What Expressive Influence behaviors are and the

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Kim Barnes: Innovation and Influence in Chile: Part 2, Influence

(Second of a two part series) Below is part two of Kim Barnes’ interview for the Chilean Magazine, Capital Humano. The first part dealt with innovation. In the first part of the interview, Kim touched on influence and her interest

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The Value of Training/The Value of Influence

McKinsey Quarterly recently had an article on the value of training. Rather than repeating what we already know about the value of training—in terms of employee satisfaction and retention, professional development, leadership development, and much more—the article focused on the

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Influence and Social Media

Part 2. Blogs and Receptive Influence In my post about using blogs to influence people, I promised I’d write again about Receptive Influence. Of course, it is essential to use both expressive and receptive influence one-on-one. In a blog format,

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