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Article: Influence and Change Management

Gregg Brown is not just a published author and change management specialist, he is a long-time friend and facilitator for Barnes & Conti. In this article, he makes a case that in order to manage change efficiently, two of the

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New Article by Kim Barnes on Reframing as an Influence Tool

Framing—or reframing—is a strategic tool which is useful to exercise influence and to manage change. In this article,  Kim Barnes discusses making what is considered new and potentially threatening into something both familiar and comfortable. So how can we use

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Building Relationships at Work

Workplace relationships are often different from relationships outside of the office. Work cultures vary, but in many organizations, you might act more reserved than you would in an informal setting or choose your behavior in light of the other’s positional

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Influencing In Complex Organizations

Contributed By, Aviad Goz Influence in organizations has never been so complex. People from different generations work side by side. People who come from different cultures with different set of values work together. Matrix organizations have dramatically changed the way

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Five Tips for Receiving Feedback

There is a lot of emphasis in management and leadership development programs on how to give good feedback – but very little focus on the art of receiving it well. A colleague of mine once said, “Give me some feedback,

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