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Article: Managing Generational Tension

Much has been written about millennials in the workplace, and “generational tension” or “generational issues.” Here’s an article that suggests that while different generations are indeed different, the key to managing any kind of tension that arises is to make

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Character Matters: Principles for Raising, Becoming, and Choosing Responsible and Effective Leaders

By B. Kim Barnes Reprinted from LinkedIn, January 2, 2016 As we enter another U.S. presidential election year, we have a chance to think about what’s important to us as we choose a new leader. I have been reflecting on

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Wall Street Meltdown: A Crisis in Leadership?

With the Wall Street meltdown in the news today, yesterday, and presumably for weeks to come, it was fascinating to read the article “Eyes on the Wrong Prize: Leadership Lapses That Fueled Wall Street’s Fall” from the website of the

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Why Your Company Might Not Be Innovative

I was looking at a couple of releted blogs and found an excellent article about innovation. As a “professional techie,” innovation—especially that which can truly enhance our lives for the better—is near and dear to me. And of course, innovation

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Innovation Article in Leadership Excellence

If you subscribe to Leadership Excellence magazine, please look for Kim Barnes’ and Nelson Soken’s article, “Innovation Journey: How can you lead and manage it?” in the September issue. Kim Barnes is, of course, Barnes & Conti’s president and CEO.

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