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The Influence of the World Cup

For decades the World Cup has had a powerful influence in connecting the world. People flock to their neighborhood pub or outdoor viewing area to watch with their friends. Many gather in venues where the event is taking place so

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When I was 22, the 1960s had barely begun. Betty Friedan was still a housewife. Nobody I knew had a color TV and I didn’t have one of any kind, I preferred listening to the radio, especially the college stations that

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A Love Letter to a Rock (A Valentine’s Day Fantasy)

Influence can be Expressive, where you use behaviors to express your needs, or Receptive, where you use behaviors that lead to receiving information. Choosing to use either behavior is based on a goal that you want to achieve, the quality

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Four Tips for Using Your Influence During Training 2014

The Training 2014 Conference and Expo is right around the corner. During events like these, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or even discouraged. You only get two to three days to navigate through the crowds of people, exhibitors, and speaking

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Harness Your Influence Power by Setting Goals

So you need to influence your coworker. Have you stopped to ask yourself about your influence goals? No? Being an effective influencer means developing a long-term and a short-term goal before you influence your target. For example, your long-term goal

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