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Five Tools for Successful Risk-Taking

Intelligent and effective risk-taking can be successfully executed by following a set of tools. This five blog post series will feature one tool per post so that by the end, you have acquired a toolkit for risk-taking. The first tool in planning

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Influencing a Reluctant Friend to Watch the Super Bowl With You

As we’re all aware, the Super Bowl is this weekend. If last year’s viewing statistics are any indication, over 111.5 million people will be watching this year’s game. Of course, many of them are American football fans – maybe that

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Five Influence Skills Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2015 Dawns

Picture this. It’s January, you were just assigned your first project for the New Year, and everything is running smoothly. You have used your influence skills so well that your coworkers are turning in their deliverables on time; everyone is

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Feeling Stuck? Try Reframing

Why didn’t the turkey cross the road? Because there was a roadblock. Roadblocks, making difficult decisions, and negotiating are part of being an employee and leader. Instead of feeling frustrated when you come across these circumstances, try reframing. Reframing is

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The Fear of Risk-Taking

Halloween is all about scary things. Any day of the year, though, risk-taking can be scary. Preparing to take a risk can be like standing at the entrance of a haunted house – you can never be sure what negative

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