Feeling Stuck? Try Reframing

Why didn’t the turkey cross the road? Because there was a roadblock.

Wild Turkey (meleagris Gallopavo)

Roadblocks, making difficult decisions, and negotiating are part of being an employee and leader. Instead of feeling frustrated when you come across these circumstances, try reframing.

Reframing is a technique for interpreting the available data surrounding a situation, result, or solution in an alternative way.

The next time you feel stuck with the given solution, try these three techniques:

  • If your solution involves a key stakeholder, identify his or her goals, values, or elements of his or her worldview.
  • Identify relevant facts concerning the situation or idea
  • Think of an alternative way to interpret those facts that fit the criteria above.

Here’s an example:

At first your frame was: “We should not let the turkey cross the road. There is a roadblock and it will never understand how to get through.”

Your reframe could be: “Letting the turkey cross the road provides us with an opportunity to see how well the turkey can problem solve.”

Good luck on solving your next problem. When you feel stuck, try reframing. It may open up a whole new avenue for you and your company.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Contributed by,

Rebecca Stern


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