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Feeling Stuck? Try Reframing

Why didn’t the turkey cross the road? Because there was a roadblock. Roadblocks, making difficult decisions, and negotiating are part of being an employee and leader. Instead of feeling frustrated when you come across these circumstances, try reframing. Reframing is

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Cherpumple: Innovation? Or What?

The cherpumple—that holiday dessert in which a cherry pie is baked in a white cake, an a pumpkin pie is baked in a yellow cake, and an apple pie is baked in a spice cake AND the whole thing is

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For Thanksgiving: Gratitude in the Workplace

One of our trainers at Barnes & Conti—and this is someone who has trained in all kinds of companies and industries—has told me repeatedly that just about every department, organization, and/or company is beset with problems. Yet in so many

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