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Recent Article on Organizations and Ecology

Kim Barnes recenty co-authored and article with noted biologist Heather G. Davis entitled, “Evolutionary ecology and organizations:a conversation between a biologist and an organization development practitioner.“ The article has been published in the February issue of  Industrial and Commercial Training.

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New Year’s Reading from Seth Godin

As many of you know, Seth’s Blog, by Seth Godin, is one of our favorite blogs. Seth Godin has put together a thought-provoking and inspiring collection of brief  essays as an ebook entitled What Matters Now. Some seventy “big thinkers”

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For Thanksgiving: Gratitude in the Workplace

One of our trainers at Barnes & Conti—and this is someone who has trained in all kinds of companies and industries—has told me repeatedly that just about every department, organization, and/or company is beset with problems. Yet in so many

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In Memoriaum: Berta Berman

Berta Berman was a friend to many of us at Barnes & Conti. Some of us were privileged to have worked with Berta before coming to work at Barnes & Conti. Three of our staff, East Coast Regional Director Lauren

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Community Service: Challenge and Innovation

Barnes & Conti has what I think is a truly innovative approach to giving back to the community. Our approach is—simply put—get involved! Each of us can take up to one day, paid, per quarter to do community service.  I

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