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A Conversation With an Artist, Part One

By B. Kim Barnes, Barnes & Conti CEO In these challenging times, we need to call upon our creativity more than ever. We are currently in the process of transforming our Applied Creativity and Managing Innovation programs into webinars to

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The Rationale of Irrational Decisions: Considering Emotional Needs

By B. Kim Barnes, Barnes & Conti CEO Life would be so much easier for leaders, managers, parents, friends, politicians, if only human beings behaved in predictable ways based on facts, logic, rational thought processes, or even fulfillment of practical

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The Fire This Time: A Remembrance and a Reminder

by B. Kim Barnes, Barnes & Conti CEO In 1991, my house burned, along with 3000 others, in a huge firestorm that struck the hills of Oakland and Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was unexpected – though,

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Leading Through Pain: Reflection, Dialogue, Discomfort, Commitment, and Growth

By B. Kim Barnes, Barnes & Conti CEO In recent days, I have read several messages from CEOs of a variety of companies, large and small. The common theme is that we all need to examine our own behavior, decisions,

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Constructive Debate? Or the Meeting after the Meeting?

Why do we have to have the “meeting after the meeting,” that intense discussion about what we should have said, but didn’t. In Kim Barnes’ soon-to-be-published book, Building Better Ideas: How Constructive Debate Inspires Courage, Collaboration and Breakthrough Solutions, she begins by

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