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Barnes & Conti Holiday Newsletter: Excerpt

For those of you who are not subscribers, the Barnes & Conti Holiday Newsletter—along with our “virtual feast” of six tempting recipes—is available online. To further entice you to read the entire newsletter, here is one of my favorite articles

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Cherpumple: Innovation? Or What?

The cherpumple—that holiday dessert in which a cherry pie is baked in a white cake, an a pumpkin pie is baked in a yellow cake, and an apple pie is baked in a spice cake AND the whole thing is

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Innovation Gone Awry: Products that Never Should Have Happened

I was directed to a web page listing the “15 Stupidest Products of All Time”(1), with the option to rank them from “really stupid” (low) to “No hope for the species” (high). Disclaimer: some of these products are not necessarily

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