Organizational Development Trends in Saudi Arabia

Organizations in Saudi Arabia are facing various challenges to cope with the fast-changing business environment. Tremendous business opportunities are emerging, largely as a result of significant government spending aimed at enhancing the country’s public services and Saudi lifestyle. The government is funding education, health, government services, introduction of e-government, and other sectors and services as well.

Concurrent with these funding initiatives the Saudi government has taken serious steps to address both the high unemployment rate for young Saudi men as well as the much higher rate of unemployment among women. When Saudi Arabia joined the WTO and established Capital Market Authority, the business environment suddenly became more competitive, resulting in a regularized market. Local Saudi companies were most affected by these new challenges. The government is exerting greater pressure in the private sector to increase the numbers of Saudi men and women in their workforces.

All these changes mean that organizational development programs are in high demand;




programs are needed to address many organizational challenges including:

  • Training and development for fresh graduates filling entry level positions
  • Leadership programs for young leaders taking new challenges
  • Training and professional development programs for Saudi women
  • Development programs addressing business ethics issues
  • Development programs for executives addressing social responsibility

The current business environment also gave birth to a wave of new entrepreneurs in the country. These entrepreneurs are able to take advantage of the many financing organizations established by the government and the private sector. Several non-profit organizations established training and development programs to address the needs of these new businesses. Unfortunately, many of these programs are more focused on theory than addressing real business environment issues.

ASAS Training is poised to meet the challenges of the Saudi business environment. Our distinctive training programs are designed to meet the job market demands for skilled professionals. Our Management and Leadership training includes addressing all levels of management, including executives and leaders. Together with our partners, we can meet the challenges and opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s new business environment.

Contribution from Tawfiq Algargoush, CEO of ASAS Training.

ASAS Training currently offers our Managing Innovation and Exercising Influence programs.


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