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Align Your Vision with Key Stakeholders – Think Like an Internal Consultant

“Internal consultants use expertise, influence, and personal skills to facilitate client-requested change without having the formal authority to implement the recommended actions. The change solves a problem; improves performance; and increases organizational effectiveness.” (From Consulting on the Inside: A Practical

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Get a Clue! The LinkedIn Corporate Mystery of the Week

On April 23 we will begin a six-week series of corporate (or organizational) mysteries on our Barnes & Conti LinkedIn page that we hope you’ll join us in solving. On Tuesdays, we’ll provide the mystery scenario and ask you to

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Find Your Inner Compass

  A short excerpt from Self-Navigation: A Compass for Guiding Your Life and Career                   If you or people you know are ready to make a change, refer them to the following

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Managing Innovation, Taking Risks, and Succeeding

Who wants to dry their hands using public restroom hand-dryers? The answer for many years was anyone who has the patience to wait more than thirty seconds to fully dry their hands. And in today’s fast-paced society, that’s no one.

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New Book Co-Authored by Kim Barnes: Consulting on the Inside

Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes and longtime friend of Barnes & Conti, Beverly Scott of Bev Scott Consulting collaborated on the 2nd edition of Consulting on the Inside: A practical guide for internal consultants. The book is published by