Find Your Inner Compass


A short excerpt from Self-Navigation: A Compass for Guiding Your Life and Career

 Self Navigation









If you or people you know are ready to make a change, refer them to the following strategy – it’s a great way to begin guiding yourself or others to the life they have always wanted but never understood how to attain.


One: Define your direction by asking yourself questions like:

·     What am I passionate about?

·     What are my talents and core competencies?

·     What could I do that would make me happy and excited to get to work every day?


Two: If these questions are difficult to answer, think back to an earlier time in your life when you were excited about the future and happy to be in the present. Now, look at where your responses intersect with one another. Choose the direction that you are happy about and have the capability to achieve.


Three: Write a sentence that expresses the intersection clearly. This sentence is your “direction of greatness.”

Here is an example of a “direction of greatness:” To coach people to become outstanding leaders.


Check back soon for a strategy that will move you in the direction you discover you want to go.

If you can’t wait, check out: Self-Navigation: A Compass for Guiding Your Life and Career.


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