Celebrate National Poetry Month

Georgie Girl is celebrating National Poetry Month by sharing this poem with you from the Hopi Tribe.

We welcome your poetry too. Please respond with your own poem here or on our LinkedIn page.

Wisdom from Georgie Girl


Knowing What to Say 

Take care when you speak in judgment.
Words are powerful weapons…

Never make a person look like a fool with your tongue;
Never make a person look small with your mouth.

A hard word, a sharp word, can burn for a long time,
Deep in the heart, leaving a scar.

Accept that others think differently,
Act differently,
Feel differently,
Speak differently.

Be mild and healing with your words.
Words should be lights.
Words should be calm and bring people together;
Being peace.

Where words are weapons,
People face each other like enemies.
Life is too short, our world too small
To turn it into a battlefield.

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