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Competition, Recession, and Innovation

In another fascinating article on Bloomberg Business Week entitled “How to Make a Great Business Great,” Authors Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy share insights in the importance of investing in your company during times of recession, and how small companies

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Ideas into Action: Steve Jobs

This past October, Bloomberg Businessweek ran an article that provided rare insight into one of today’s innovators, Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The article was in the form of an interview with former Apple CEO John Sculley, the man who was,

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Cherpumple: Innovation? Or What?

The cherpumple—that holiday dessert in which a cherry pie is baked in a white cake, an a pumpkin pie is baked in a yellow cake, and an apple pie is baked in a spice cake AND the whole thing is

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Kim Barnes: Innovation and Influence in Chile

(First of a two part series) This past October, Kim Barnes was featured in an interview in the Chilean Magazine, Capital Humano. The interview focused on influence, innovation, leadership, and it touched on Latin American culture. We’ve excerpted the interview

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Innovation Gone Awry: Products that Never Should Have Happened

I was directed to a web page listing the “15 Stupidest Products of All Time”(1), with the option to rank them from “really stupid” (low) to “No hope for the species” (high). Disclaimer: some of these products are not necessarily

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