By B. Kim Barnes, Barnes & Conti CEO, and Nelson Soken, Ph.D, Barnes & Conti Chief Innovation Officer
Reprinted from  LinkedIn, June 1, 2016. We are sharing it in this update because unconscious bias is especially relevant to us today.

There are many variations of the following quote, first attributed to Bernard Baruch. “You have the right to your own opinion, but you don’t have the right to your own facts.” The reality is, though, that there are enough facts for people to pick and choose the ones that support their preferred conclusion.

We like to think of ourselves as a rational species – but recent evidence from behavioral science research suggests otherwise. We tend to seek information that supports our views and disregard facts that are counter to our belief systems. This is known as the confirmation bias, and explains why people with conservative political views watch and read conservative media sources and liberals watch and read liberal sources. We hold fast to ideas…

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By Nermin Soyalp, Ph.D.

Two years into the pandemic, engagement surveys—unsurprisingly—report low morale and decreased engagement for many organizations. Organizations have been inviting employees back to their offices. However, with Covid19 surges and employees enjoying working at home, many balk at idea returning to the office full-time. Working remotely is here to stay, and managers face the challenge of creating and supporting an engaged remote work environment.

This article focuses on engagement: what it is, how it works, and the leader’s role in increasing and maintaining employee engagement, especially when leading remotely. Barnes & Conti has redoubled our long-standing commitment of supporting organizations, their leaders, and team members to develop and maintain engaged remote workplaces. This article will identify what contributes to high engagement and how we can create processes to address obstacles to engagement…

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By B. Kim Barnes, Barnes & Conti CEO, reprinted from LinkedIn, October 13, 2021 One of the most important skills for influencers is the ability to “think themselves into” the mind of the person they are hoping to influence. Identifying …

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By B. Kim Barnes (Reprinted from LinkedIn, February 5, 2021) Much has been written and said about the importance of “win-win” relationships, but like many good ideas, it has become a cliché. If it is practiced in a demeaning, trivializing, …

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By B. Kim Barnes, Barnes & Conti CEO This is the continuation of the conversation I had with Sharon Walsh, a jewelry artist from the area around Donegal in Ireland. With the unique challenges we face, artists like Sharon Walsh …

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