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New Article by Kim Barnes on Reframing as an Influence Tool

Framing—or reframing—is a strategic tool which is useful to exercise influence and to manage change. In this article,  Kim Barnes discusses making what is considered new and potentially threatening into something both familiar and comfortable. So how can we use

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Bad, Wrong, or Stupid: How Not to Influence

by B. Kim Barnes “How can you believe a thing like that?” “That’s completely irrational.” “You’ve joined the lunatic fringe, I see.” “If everyone thought/dressed/acted/voted that way, we’d be in big trouble.” How many times in the past few months

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Influencing a Reluctant Friend to Watch the Super Bowl With You

As we’re all aware, the Super Bowl is this weekend. If last year’s viewing statistics are any indication, over 111.5 million people will be watching this year’s game. Of course, many of them are American football fans – maybe that

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Five Influence Skills Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2015 Dawns

Picture this. It’s January, you were just assigned your first project for the New Year, and everything is running smoothly. You have used your influence skills so well that your coworkers are turning in their deliverables on time; everyone is

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Building Relationships at Work

Workplace relationships are often different from relationships outside of the office. Work cultures vary, but in many organizations, you might act more reserved than you would in an informal setting or choose your behavior in light of the other’s positional

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