Article: Managing Generational Tension

Much has been written about millennials in the workplace, and “generational tension” or “generational issues.” Here’s an article that suggests that while different generations are indeed different, the key to managing any kind of tension that arises is to make all employees feel valued. 

As we read the article, we couldn’t help but notice that the author is suggesting by example that one the key ways of making people feel valued is to use receptive influence tactics and behaviors such as inquiring—asking open-ended questions and drawing out—and listening. 

Below are the author’s open-ended questions for older employees:

“How have you seen the organization evolve during your time here?” “You know the culture well — what do you think will be the secret of success in this transformation?” “What worries you most about the new approach?”

The author addresses the younger generation as well:

For a younger employee, capitalize on their youth and fresh perspective: “What was most exciting to you about joining the company?” “Where have you seen great ideas that we could apply here?” “What can you teach me that would help me keep up with the digital age?” 

For both generations, the author concludes, “If you listen openly, you’ll hear insights you can act on.”

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