Year: 2009

Barnes & Conti Holiday Newsletter 2009

The Barnes & Conti Holiday Newsletter is available online. If you’ve never received the holiday newsletter, please check it out, at least for the recipes. The holiday newsletter features our ninth Annual “Virtual Feast” of recipes. The current feast features

For Thanksgiving: Gratitude in the Workplace

One of our trainers at Barnes & Conti—and this is someone who has trained in all kinds of companies and industries—has told me repeatedly that just about every department, organization, and/or company is beset with problems. Yet in so many

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Innovation Gone Awry: Products that Never Should Have Happened

I was directed to a web page listing the “15 Stupidest Products of All Time”(1), with the option to rank them from “really stupid” (low) to “No hope for the species” (high). Disclaimer: some of these products are not necessarily

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Risks: Apparent, Actual, and Intelligent. A Lesson from Mushrooms

One of our favorite blogs is Seth’s Blog, by Seth Godin. Seth Godin is an author and speaker who writes for the business world. A recent blog article by Seth Godin dealt with risk, both apparent risk and actual risk.

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Influence and Technology in the Global Marketplace?

The global marketplace is upon us, and I won’t dispute that. What I would like to dispute, at least a little bit, is the place that technology in general and the internet in particular has in this market place. Somehow,

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