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Envisioning that Inspires: MLK’s Dream

  When I have asked participants in our Exercising Influence program for examples of “envisioning,” MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech is always cited. And each time I read the speech – some of which was improvised – I am

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Exercise Your Influence with the Power of Suggest

  Barnes & Conti is trying a new blog approach this week. Instead of reading a short story, listen to our short podcast. In the podcast, you will hear: The definition of influence What Expressive Influence behaviors are and the

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Influence and Office Politics

Last month, The Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled “Don’t Dismiss Office Politics—Teach It.” The article eloquently states that people who succeed in their careers—and help their companies succeed—know how to play office politics that benefit themselves and their

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Coming Soon: the Barnes & Conti Spring Newsletter

Please watch your email for the Barnes & Conti spring newsletter. Just to give you a sneak preview, here’s an excerpt from an article by Kim Barnes, written when she was stranded in Moscow. The Situation is “Normal” by B.

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Influence and Technology in the Global Marketplace?

The global marketplace is upon us, and I won’t dispute that. What I would like to dispute, at least a little bit, is the place that technology in general and the internet in particular has in this market place. Somehow,

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