Month: June 2013

Exercise Your Influence with the Power of Suggest

  Barnes & Conti is trying a new blog approach this week. Instead of reading a short story, listen to our short podcast. In the podcast, you will hear: The definition of influence What Expressive Influence behaviors are and the

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Increase Your Motivation, Overcome Obstacles, and Plan and Execute Better Results

Self-Navigation: The N.E.W.S.™ Experience is a workshop that focuses on employing strategic navigation tools useful for individuals who want to apply a structured process for career planning and for those with high potential. Additionally, it can be used very effectively

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How Strategic Thinking Techniques Could Have Saved the Bay Lights

  The Bay Bridge is currently lit up by an $8 million light show, The Bay Lights. Watching it from Coit Tower, one will see a wave of colorful lights, timed to illuminate the bay on different spans of the

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