Month: September 2008

Wall Street Meltdown: A Crisis in Leadership?

With the Wall Street meltdown in the news today, yesterday, and presumably for weeks to come, it was fascinating to read the article “Eyes on the Wrong Prize: Leadership Lapses That Fueled Wall Street’s Fall” from the website of the

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Why Your Company Might Not Be Innovative

I was looking at a couple of releted blogs and found an excellent article about innovation. As a “professional techie,” innovation—especially that which can truly enhance our lives for the better—is near and dear to me. And of course, innovation

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Innovation Article in Leadership Excellence

If you subscribe to Leadership Excellence magazine, please look for Kim Barnes’ and Nelson Soken’s article, “Innovation Journey: How can you lead and manage it?” in the September issue. Kim Barnes is, of course, Barnes & Conti’s president and CEO.

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In Memoriam: Jo Stafford, Jazz Vocalist and Innovator

Innovation, Failure, and the Art of Doing Something Badly In the McKinsey Quarterly’s recent survey “How Companies Approach Innovation,” one of the most—if not the most—often-cited roadblocks to innovation is failure. “…companies discourage talented staff from pursuing innovation by… being

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When Is a Problem Not a Problem?

A funny thing happened in presenting our new problem solving program: people had a problem calling a problem a problem! It appears that “problem” is just way too negative for some folks; they seemed a lot more comfortable referring to

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