Year: 2008

Beyonce as an Innovator

Our own Jamie Freedman (Barnes & Conti Project Manager) has a music-related blog called “Always More to Hear.” Jamie recently posted a recent dance video of Beyonce, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).” In this video, Beyonce takes moves

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The Cost of Not Innovating

On one of the innovation-related blogs I read, I found a scathing article entitled, “Why Ford deserves to fail.” The article is almost a rant, indicting Ford Motors—and by extension General Motors and Chrysler—in light of their recent plea to

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Influence and Social Media

Part 2. Blogs and Receptive Influence In my post about using blogs to influence people, I promised I’d write again about Receptive Influence. Of course, it is essential to use both expressive and receptive influence one-on-one. In a blog format,

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Kim Barnes: One of Leadership Excellence’s 100 Top Thought Leaders

Barnes & Conti President and CEO Kim Barnes was selected as one of the 100 top thought leaders in leadership and practitioners in leadership development in government, education, military, and non-profit organizations. The list of the top thought leaders appears

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Influence and Social Media

Part 1. Blogs and Expressive Influence If you recently ate at a restaurant for the first time, or perhaps bought something online, chances are good that you were influenced in your decision by a stranger. Did you read an online

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