Year: 2008

The Aquaduct and the Innovation Process

In my previous posting, I noted several social innovations, not the least of which was the Aquaduct, a pedal driven tricycle/water filtration device designed by IDEO. Since the folks at IDEO are known for innovative design—and are indeed called upon

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Innovation, Social Innovation, and Helping Poverty

I’m so new to blogging that I just found out today (October 21) that October 15 was Blog Action Day 2008. Some 12,000 bloggers banded together to raise awareness about poverty. I’d like to make that number 12,001, albeit belatedly.

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Avatars of Innovation: Help for Staving Off Future Crises

With the stock market fluctuating like a surrealist seesaw and the world financial situation still in crisis, I started thinking about innovation: Did innovation get us into this mess? Could anything have been done to avert it? And perhaps most

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Customer Service and Influence

A colleague and sometimes trainer, Sergio Perreira of MAPA Consulting sent several of us a newsletter article on customer service. The article makes excellent points on recruiting the right people for the job—people who actually care about customers, as well

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Wall Street Meltdown: A Crisis in Leadership?

With the Wall Street meltdown in the news today, yesterday, and presumably for weeks to come, it was fascinating to read the article “Eyes on the Wrong Prize: Leadership Lapses That Fueled Wall Street’s Fall” from the website of the

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