Month: September 2014

iPhone 6 – a “Do Better” Innovation

There are two fundamental approaches to innovation – “do better” and “do different[ly].” “Do better” can be described as “inside-the-box” innovation, where the innovation is limited by what the organization has done before. “Do different” is, instead, “outside the box,”

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Influence Skills: Focus on the Why

Contributed By, By Nelson Soken, Ph.D. I’ve facilitated workshops both as an internal and external consultant for many years. After reading Simon Sinek’s book, Start With the Why, I’ve been considering how I can use the techniques and content that I

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Influencing In Complex Organizations

Contributed By, Aviad Goz Influence in organizations has never been so complex. People from different generations work side by side. People who come from different cultures with different set of values work together. Matrix organizations have dramatically changed the way

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