Month: July 2013

What to Consider When Influencing Your Manager

You are at your desk at work and a brilliant idea comes to you. You jump up, tell your manager the idea, and he or she shoots it down without a second thought. You go back to your desk feeling

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Align Your Vision with Key Stakeholders – Think Like an Internal Consultant

“Internal consultants use expertise, influence, and personal skills to facilitate client-requested change without having the formal authority to implement the recommended actions. The change solves a problem; improves performance; and increases organizational effectiveness.” (From Consulting on the Inside: A Practical

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Storytelling Lessons from WWII Era Posters

In celebration of the 4th of July, I wanted to share posters that my great Uncle, Ben Shalett’s company produced during the WWII era. Many of them were displayed in a Smithsonian exhibit. You can find them HERE. While taking

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