Year: 2011

Influence and Office Politics

Last month, The Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled “Don’t Dismiss Office Politics—Teach It.” The article eloquently states that people who succeed in their careers—and help their companies succeed—know how to play office politics that benefit themselves and their

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Do the Right Thing!

by Lauren Powers, Senior VP, Business Development As I have been following the recent stories about the problems at Penn State, I have been trying to understand how so many people stepped away from doing the right thing. I found

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New Book Co-Authored by Kim Barnes: Consulting on the Inside

Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes and longtime friend of Barnes & Conti, Beverly Scott of Bev Scott Consulting collaborated on the 2nd edition of Consulting on the Inside: A practical guide for internal consultants. The book is published by

Competition, Recession, and Innovation

In another fascinating article on Bloomberg Business Week entitled “How to Make a Great Business Great,” Authors Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy share insights in the importance of investing in your company during times of recession, and how small companies

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Short Term Opportunity, Peter Drucker, and Strategic Thinking

The Drucker Lectures is a recent book collecting some of the lectures of the late management expert Peter Drucker. Bloomberg Businessweek recently published online excerpts from this book, which is a must-read for fans of the late Professor Drucker. My

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