Soft Skills: Not “Soft” at All!

Photo: Soft Skills by B. Kim Barnes
Photo by B. Kim Barnes

Barnes & Conti CEO Kim Barnes, wrote a piece recently arguing that so-called “soft-skills” are completely misnamed. The article, entitled “Why We Shouldn’t Call Them ‘Soft Skills’” presents a compelling case that these skills, including influence, communication, leadership, and more are hardly “soft” in the sense of easy, but are among the most challenging and virtually unteachable to robots and artificial intelligence.

According to Kim:
“As someone who has studied, written, taught, and spoken about skills such as communication, influence, conflict resolution, and leadership, I can attest to the fact that these skills are in no way “soft” – in the sense described above. In fact, they are among the most difficult to teach and to learn. (Perhaps this is why robots haven’t as yet learned them.) For a long while, we (in my company, Barnes & Conti Associates) have been calling them “the difficult skills.”
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