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Unconscious Assumptions, the Strategic Thinking Enemy

Fill-in-the-blank: Every day, Sara sneezes when the company dog walks by. Therefore, Sara is allergic to __________________. Based on the given information, your answer was probably dogs. Thinking that it was a dog is an example of using an assumption

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How Strategic Thinking Techniques Could Have Saved the Bay Lights

  The Bay Bridge is currently lit up by an $8 million light show, The Bay Lights. Watching it from Coit Tower, one will see a wave of colorful lights, timed to illuminate the bay on different spans of the

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Short Term Opportunity, Peter Drucker, and Strategic Thinking

The Drucker Lectures is a recent book collecting some of the lectures of the late management expert Peter Drucker. Bloomberg Businessweek recently published online excerpts from this book, which is a must-read for fans of the late Professor Drucker. My

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