A College Student’s Experience with EI

My name is Philip Arsenis and I am 20 years old. As a rising junior and politics major at Occidental College, an internship at Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc. seemed to be an ideal opportunity for this summer. With an interest in sales and consulting I knew this was my chance to get some serious experience. So, I applied and was then accepted. My immediate interest in the training programs paid off. I was given the opportunity to attend an Exercising Influence (EI) class, conducted by Janne at Kaiser Permanente.

The EI training was like nothing I had anticipated. It was more interactive, well researched, and more applicable then I had fathomed. As a college student I thought I would be out of the loop. On the contrary, I naturally identified with the problems, circumstances, and relations the Kaiser employees faced. During the class dialogs, everyone introduced issues that were unique to them. However, it was during these discussions that everyone’s different problems were constantly being answered in a more uniform way. Whether it was with the EI wheel or with real-life examples – it was always Kim’s tactics and strategies that seemed to quell every ‘different’ problem. It was then, about 45 minutes into the day, that it became clear that it was our common yearning to ‘get what we wanted done’ that really brought us together rather then having our unique problems which set us apart – we were all these to learn how to better our lives.

As an Occidental student, I feel that I am representative enough to speak on behalf of college students. We are constantly maneuvering social responsibilities, homework, and personal issues – and it gets hectic and overwhelming – as I am sure it does for the adults in the working world. However, there is one difference between college students and adults. Adults are more experienced.

This is precisely why I know that EI would be immensely beneficial to college students. It would equip us with the appropriate tools to tackle difficult situations from a professional angle without having to use the outdated sink or swim approach to life. As a young man trying to enter the adult work force, I know that there is nothing better then these tools, which can be applied to different situations at different times. They have enabled me to be an equal player as well as a leader. I recommend highly any and all college students who are serious about being an efficient communicator to take this class and learn the science of influence.

Written by Philipos Arsenis

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