Mark Your Calendar – Kim Barnes & Nelson Soken at ASTD 2008

We are excited to announce that Kim Barnes, CEO of Barnes & Conti Associates, and Nelson Soken will be presenting a 70-minute concurrent session titled: “Managing Innovation: A journey toward organizational change” at the 2008 ASTD International Conference and Expo in San Diego, CA.

This session is designed to demonstrate how the presenters engaged leaders in a large insurance company in moving their organization toward greater, more continuous innovation. The two presenters will discuss and demonstrate their approach, based on research conducted at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management of the University of Brighton. The approach focuses on behaviors, mindsets, and practices that innovative organizations exhibit during the phases of the “innovation journey.” These phases include Searching, Exploring, Committing, Realizing and Optimizing. Each phase requires managers and leaders to use a different mind-set and skill-set in order to accomplish tasks that are specific to that phase.

Based on a program developed by one of the presenters along with David Francis, Ph.D. of CENTRIM, this experiential session allows participants to practice skills that facilitate innovation, apply the results of research, and gain insights from companies that are implementing the program.

Barnes & Conti Associates will also be exhibiting at the tradeshow. We hope to see you there!

For more information on the 2008 ASTD International Conference & Expo, click here

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