Innovation Article: “The Myth of the Intrapreneur”

Does your organization or workgroup rely on “intrapreneurs”—the lone maverick in your company who comes up with that great idea while swimming against the coroprate tide—to innovate? An article recently published on the Harvard Business Review,  makes a compelling case that successful innovation doesn’t come from the lone intrapreneurs, but from “a company-wide endeavor, supported from top to bottom by systems, structures, and a company culture that nurtures transformative ideas and products.” We’ve long recognized that innovation occurs when companies have a culture supports risk and innovation, and have a system in place to manage the innovation process.

According to the article, “The intrapreneurship concept… focuses its hopes on a genius who can swoop in to save the day. Instead, we must start thinking of innovation as a capacity that needs organization-wide support.”

Read “The Myth of the Intrapreneur”


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