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Innovation Gone Awry: Products that Never Should Have Happened

I was directed to a web page listing the “15 Stupidest Products of All Time”(1), with the option to rank them from “really stupid” (low) to “No hope for the species” (high). Disclaimer: some of these products are not necessarily

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Innovation, entheo, and Natalie Turner

This month Natalie Turner, founder and CEO of entheo, our “sister company” located in the U.K. was interviewed in Training Journal, one of the U.K.’s leading learning and development publications. entheo specializes in one of our favorite areas, innovation and

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The Cost of Not Innovating

On one of the innovation-related blogs I read, I found a scathing article entitled, “Why Ford deserves to fail.” The article is almost a rant, indicting Ford Motors—and by extension General Motors and Chrysler—in light of their recent plea to

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