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Self Navigation:
The N.E.W.S.™ Experience

Self-Navigation: The N.E.W.S. Experience™ is an innovative, cost-effective process of providing individualized coaching in a group setting. It allows you to navigate your personal development and your career, increase motivation, overcome obstacles, and plan and execute for better results.

Self-Navigation provides a valuable set of tools that can be used for career planning, leadership and high potential development, on-boarding, mentorship, executive coaching, and team and organizational development. This program was developed by Aviad Goz of N.E.W.S.® Coaching & Training, and described in the book Self-Navigation: A Compass for Guiding Your Life and Career by Aviad Goz and B. Kim Barnes.

Navigation involves establishing a vision of where you are heading and a strategy for getting there. The N.E.W.S.™ model is structured, transparent, practical, and immediately applicable.

For more information on N.E.W.S.™ Self Navigation™, click here.

Program Objectives:

As a participant you will:

  • Establish a vision for the future and build a “Practical Model” to achieve it.
  • Clarify and connect to values and motivation.
  • Identify barriers and blockages to achieving their vision and goals.
  • Identify personal barriers and gain tools to overcome them.
  • Construct an action plan to achieve your vision and goals.


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